Caring for Our ʻAina

From empowering local farmers through HFA’s distribution platform to logistics consolidation to reduce Hawaiʻi’s traffic congestion and carbon footprint, HFA provides a clear path forward for a greener Hawaiʻi.

Sustainable Practices

staff with stacks of large green trays

Reusable Trays

Dramatic reduction in energy and packaging waste through the use of re-usable trays across all markets.

HFA trays have replaced the use of millions of square feet of corrugated and shrink wrap waste annually.

Reduced Food Waste

Driving procurement and sales efficiencies into our food systems through data-centric DSD programs to decrease food waste.

Intentional policies and procedures to reclaim and provide saleable food for those in need and provide millions of loaves over the years.

warehouse lift worker

JetPro Thermal Technologies

HFA is the only air freight handler in Hawaiʻi utilizing JetPro Thermal Technologies to eliminate single use plastic bubble wrap products that fill our landfills and pollute our water. Over a million square feet of bubble wrap is eliminated each year through HFA’s program.

driver looking in rearview window inside company truck

Local Consolidation

The elimination of dozens of delivery vehicles off our streets every day by consolidating dozens of local producers as their carrier to market.

Solar Power

In 2021, HFA is projected to generate 1,495,000 kWh of solar energy.

In 2022, HFA is projected to generate 1,968,000 kWh of solar energy with the addition of new solar power in Kauai and Oahu.

Servicing all of Hawaiʻi

HFA’s platform enables local farmers and producers to expand their markets to all islands including export. Our platform connects Hawaiʻi to the world and the world directly to the Hawaiʻi consumer, via ocean, air, and land.

Hawaiian Islands graphic
  • Guaranteed Sales Programs
  • Direct Store Delivery – All Stores – All Islands
  • Inventory Management from Farm or Mfg to Store Shelf
  • Ocean Freight & Consolidation from Mainland to Hawaiʻi
  • Ocean Freight & Consolidation from Hawaiʻi to Mainland
  • Air Freight from Mainland to Hawaiʻi and Hawaiʻi to Mainland
  • Trucking – Across All Islands
  • Merchandising – All Stores – All Islands
  • Promotional Intelligence – Implementing, Reporting, and Tracking
  • FSMA Compliant All Temperatures – to All Stores on All Islands
  • Zero Fee Brokerage Services – Save Your Fee – Reach All of Hawaiʻi

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