Supporting Local Food Producers and Farmers

HFA proudly represents and distributes for more than than 40 local manufacturers across the islands. In addition, HFA’s Distribution Platform provides the Hawaii Farm Bureau with trucking, ocean, and air shipments to move locally grown produce across all islands. Below are some of the brands HFA supports!

The Local Advantage of Partnering with HFA

Reaching all of Hawaii by all modes of transport

HFA’s Distribution Platform enables local and mainland producers and manufacturers to reach every retailer, club, and grocer on every island in Hawaii. Whether by air or by ocean freight, HFA manages the entire process from farm to shelf, across the state of Hawaii.

Expanding Local Production Statewide

HFA provides statewide distribution and growth opportunities for Hawaii producers and manufacturers operating on one island only. Producers and manufacturers can focus on what they do best, as they move the inventory management of finished goods to HFA for statewide wide distribution.

Decarbonizing Hawaii

Well over 1,000 trucks per week are removed from Hawaii’s roadways as over 40 local producers and manufacturers utilize HFA’s Distribution Platform to reach a statewide market. HFA excels at reducing Hawaii’s carbon footprint via consolidated food distribution on all islands.

Our Partners

La Tour Bakehouse

Thanh Lam founded La Tour Bakehouse in 1984 and built La Tour into one of Hawaii’s most popular bakeries. As demand for La Tour products increased across the state, Mr. Lam and his son Brandon reached out to HFA to expand their business into the grocery and club channels across all major islands. HFA is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the Lam family as we partner together to provide all islands with La Tour’s delicious baked goods!

Ani's Bakeshop

In 1984, Anita, founder of Ani’s Bake Shop started baking her home baked sweet bread and flavorful butter cream rolls at their current Halawa Valley location. As the popularity of these Ani’s baked treats grew, Ani and her son Max reached out to HFA to help distribute their products across Oahu. After working together to expand Oahu, HFA further expanded their products to the neighbor islands via HFA’s statewide distribution platform. This relationship between Ani’s Bakeshop and HFA was built on trust and collaboration allowing sales to grow from Oahu to all major islands. HFA has been Ani's Bake Shop's statewide distributor for twenty years and growing.


HFA's relationship with Sinaloa started after the Macias family moved to Honolulu in 1985 and opened their tortilla production near the airport. The quality and popularity of Sinaloa’s home-made tortillas and chips have grown year after year. With HFA managing the sales and statewide distribution, Sinaloa can focus on production of their delicious products and innovation of new products. Both companies continue to grow and collaborate to provide Hawaii with the best locally made tortilla and tortilla chips in the islands!

Hawaiian Chip Company

Jimmy Chan is one of Hawaii’s favorite visionaries in the local food and snack business. Founder and owner, Jimmy Chan, has worked closely with Chad Buck, founder and owner of HFA for over two decades as both men built their companies customer by customer. HFA is the link that connects Hawaiian Chip Company with Hawaii’s Club stores across all islands. HFA excels in the distribution and promotion of new products and management of special club events. With HFA supporting distribution, Jimmy has the time to focus on maintaining excellent product quality and developing new and exciting products. Our relationship started when Hawaiian Chip Company was located on North King St in a small shop near Tamashiro Market. Hawaiian Chip Company has expanded significantly since that time and now has a thriving operation in three buildings on Republican Street.

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