Servicing all of Hawaiʻi

HFA’s platform enables local farmers and producers to expand their markets to all islands including export. Our platform connects Hawaiʻi to the world and the world directly to the Hawaiʻi consumer, via ocean, air, and land.

Hawaiian Islands graphic
  • Guaranteed Sales Programs
  • Direct Store Delivery – All Stores – All Islands
  • Inventory Management from Farm or Mfg to Store Shelf
  • Ocean Freight & Consolidation from Mainland to Hawaiʻi
  • Ocean Freight & Consolidation from Hawaiʻi to Mainland
  • Air Freight from Mainland to Hawaiʻi and Hawaiʻi to Mainland
  • Trucking – Across All Islands
  • Merchandising – All Stores – All Islands
  • Promotional Intelligence – Implementing, Reporting, and Tracking
  • FSMA Compliant All Temperatures – to All Stores on All Islands
  • Zero Fee Brokerage Services – Save Your Fee – Reach All of Hawaiʻi

HFA Delivers FSMA Compliant:

Ocean Consolidation ~ Shipping from West Coast to All Islands ~ Air Freight from West Coast to All Islands ~ Shipping Between Islands ~ Warehousing on All Islands ~ Trucking Across All Islands ~ Inventory Management on All Islands

HFA is the only FSMA compliant, single source solution for dry, chill, frozen - ocean, air, & land distribution in the state of Hawaii

HFA Supports Local Companies

HFA proudly represents and distributes for more than than 30 local manufacturers across the islands. In addition, HFA’s Distribution Platform provides the Hawaii Farm Bureau with trucking, ocean, and air shipments to move locally grown produce across all islands. Below are some of the brands HFA supports!