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Hawaiʻi Foodservice Alliance makes a food donation to Honolulu EMS to recognize their dedication and service to Hawaiʻiʻs residents during the pandemic.
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Hawaiʻi Foodservice Alliance makes a food donation to Honolulu EMS to recognize their dedication and service to Hawaiʻi’s residents during the pandemic.

The Hawaiʻi Foodservice Alliance and Lieutenant Governor Josh Green dropped off “thousands of pounds of food,” per Green, to Honolulu EMS today. 

The food was distributed to EMS locations across the island as well as to the Honolulu Fire Department and local residents who stopped by the station. 

“Very much appreciated, the whole staff the department all the first responders from the dispatchers the law enforcement fire department everybody else in this whole mix very much appreciated,” said District Chief Frank Gregorio. 

“We reached out to Ani’s bake shop, Max and Ani were like, ‘We’re going to donate this,’ we reached out to Debra Shimabukuro of Eggs Hawaiʻi she donated island fresh eggs we reached out to Sun Noodle they donated ramen, La Tour Bakehouse donated bread this actually turned out to be a community of manufacturers, bakers and egg farmers saying mahalo to our EMS workers on Oʻahu,” said Hawaiʻi Foodservice Alliance owner and CEO Chad Buck. 

“They’re really putting their selves in harms way to protect us,” Lieutenant Governor Green told KITV4. 

Honolulu EMS currently employs over 250 paramedics and EMTs. In 2019, they responded to 82,018 calls.

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